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Races in Club Colours...

Roger Partridge321
Anne Ramsden312
Roy Stringer283
Terry Nichols276
John Butcher265
Phil Cunningham259
Phil Hudson244
Val Stringer232
Tony Rose210
Jenni Viner201
Martin Saggers185
Julia Booker184
Justin Hill177
Colin Naman169
Garth Morris163
Jon Little162
Kenny Blyth160
Robert Waddingham155
Janet Readitt144
Carla Bell139
Claire Nichols132
Paul Cocklin129
Les Taylor128
Margaret Waddingham122
Martin Blacker121
Richard Coffey121
Stephen Johnson120
Mark Cyl118
John Heywood117
Paul Brennan116
Elizabeth Lord116
Peter Baker116
Nick Cheal106
Nick Kenyon-Muir105
Jane Wren104
Peter Keats101
Alan Randall101
Jon Williams100
Sharon Threlfall98
Tony Browne90
Andrew Golding89
Tracy Brennan88
Vibeke Rowe83
Sam Rowe75
Sarah Louise Howard75
Beverley McLees74
Lesley Rose74
Carol Hayward73
Helen Marks71
John Mallett70
Julia Gristwood69
Andy French69
Simon Joyce67
Neil Bull65
Jamie Higgs65
Michelle Cross64
Kevin Weaver64
Gemma Charville61
Margaret French61
Matthew Stephens61
Kevin Francis61
Esther Bouma60
Caroline Stephens59
Jason Mentern59
Nicola Pickering56
Susan Millward56
Rachel Symonds56
Jan Stock56
David Pomeroy55
Christel Ainge53
Oscar Bell53
Sarah Berry52
Claire Ann Kerr51
Mark Sanz51
Clive Smith51
Tim Brignall50
Stuart Ballard49
Howard Roden49
Sarah Doe48
Maria-Louise Page48
Martin Guy48
Paul Martin48
Chris Reed45
James Reed45
Claire Watson44
Anthea Francis43
Jessica Baxter43
Kate Liddiard42
Maureen Hurt41
Larry Mangelshot41
Margaret Balfour40
Hazel Clark40
Frank O'Shea39
Susie Dunn37
Barry O'Connor36
Annalisa Williams36
Neil Merritt36
Stuart Chandler36
Mark Ford35
John Pickering34
Asta Neely33
Rosalind Hitchen33
Melanie Blackaby33
Sue Taylor31
Paul Reddaway31
Alan Taylor31
Adam Guest31
Fiona Alder31
Richard Hearne30
Mike Stock30
Clare Halfpenny30
Lindsay Russell-Smith30
Alan Rafferty29
Paul Luton29
Wendy Reddaway28
Megan Blacker28
Andrew Peter Sims28
Pascal McManmon27
Nuala Carson27
Jacki Clifford27
Louise Oliver27
Adam Watson26
Michael Thacker26
Richard Stephens26
Michael Waddington25
Lynsay Evans25
Andrew Tait24
Elizabeth Davey24
Matt Brown23
Judy Sillitto23
Diane Naman23
Jeanette Collins23
Tom Gee23
Jill Patel22
Christy van Maanenberg22
Joanne Gladding22
Iain McMurray22
Deborah Amies22
Sarah Lucas21
Phil Smith21
Stephen Lucas20
David Levell19
Caroline Reardon19
John Hair18
Rebecca Cussens18
Annie Thomas18
Lisa Roberts17
Charlotte Davies17
Andrew Kavanagh17
Corrine Law17
Tony O'Sullivan16
Harriet Kealy16
Jon Ritsema16
William Bloomfield15
Brian Smith15
Pamela Wilson15
Charlotte Dadd14
Samantha Bowden14
Tracy Brewer14
Emily Kenworthy14
Paula Gollop14
Wayne Baxter14
Claron Riviere13
Paul Heuvelmans13
Tina Jane Clark13
Aycan Akyuz13
Domenic Esposito13
Leanne Dring12
Isabel Kucuk12
Elizabeth Watson12
Chris Ramsden12
Sarah Hopewell12
Kerri-Louise Rooke12
Stephen Tingley11
Clare Farrant11
Emily Reid11
Julie Fogg10
Eva Merlo10
Olu Gooden10
Lee Hembling10
Ros Gray10
Joshua Dadd10
Simon Barker10
Annie Reville10
Bailey Doe9
Steve Charles9
Charlotte Bonnett9
Jack Whitelegg9
Kevin Sambridge9
Jaqueline Gelman9
Katie Blacker8
Lisa Stammers8
Claire Teague8
Teresa Weedon8
Kerry Scripps8
Mario Hamm8
Fenella Price8
Mike Holliday8
Daniel Kirby8
Marianne Mitchell7
Ainslie Drysdale7
Glen Ford7
Samantha Stamp7
Vincent Riviere7
Robert OHara7
Annette Sissens6
Rebecca Drinkwater6
Richard van Maanenberg6
Martin Sillitto6
Simon Philpott6
Josephine Joel6
Anne Atkinson6
Kerri Whitelegg-Spavin6
Louise Anne Hart6
Louise O'Reilly5
Sarah Law5
Jacqui Barnard5
Mel Farnes5
Tom Porter5
Graeme Simpson5
Mark Dipper5
William Gristwood5
Laurence Joseph Watson4
Jo Smith4
Dawn Collins4
Susan Clarke3
Jonathon Nicholls3
Jo Necchi3
Dionne Palmer3
Naomi Hoffman3
Russell Cook3
Hazel Winters3
Diane Taylor3
Glenn Breed3
Wenna Cable3
Justine Felstead2
Tracy Sanders2
Mark Evison2
Terri Bell2
Ben Green2
Dagmara Fryer2
Alison Johnson2
Lorraine Oakley2
Peter Offord2
Rachel Stewart2
Kevin Hart2
Natalie Thornton2
Ann Coe2
Jason Champion2
Ani Brix2
Andrew Cording2
Sarah Potts2
Claire Bruce2
Nicola Wilkinson2
Judith Manser2
Mark Wilkinson2
Lisa Hough2
Annabel Gummow1
Kirsty Jenkins1
David Finn1
Dougie Brewer1
Cosette Ackland1
Paul Willis1
Adrian Plant1
Annie Garnish1
Kimberley Mangelshot1
Karl Tunstall1
Laura Dillon1
Lisa Milroy1
Robert Jones1
Hazel Nichols1
Kayleigh Ollard1
Elaine Peedle1
Sarah Philpott1
Kathrine Hipkin1
Amanda Richard1
Paul Ryan1
Brenda Day1
Joanne Askew1
Liz Coates1
Glenn Tilney1
Annmarie Burton1
Richard Waterton1
Stuart Bowden1
Kate Balfour1
Sara Cooke1
Carly Heal1
Tracey Conway 1
Jane Brooks1
Richard ARUNDEL1
About Club Colours...

The club rewards members for representing Ware Joggers when running races in their club vest.
This page lists club colours totals for all members and provides visibility of recently added races.
We have established a baseline of individual totals up to 31st May 2018. The total shown is all of your previous club colours races that we have a record of, including all previous years' championship and cross country races. For this reason it will not be possible to add races prior to 1st June 2018.
Going forward, in order to keep accurate records when you run a race, in your club vest, which is not part of a club championship or cross country event you can self-record it here. NB. You need to be logged in to do this.
You must add a link to the race results and if possible a link to a photograph of you in club kit, at the race.
You do not need to add championship and cross country races as these are added automatically to your total.
Note that if you run in a charity vest the race does not count for Club Colours totals and should not be included.
When you reach 25 races you will be awarded with a medal and subsequently with pin badges to mark the achievement as follows:
50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300
Any questions, please contact the Press Secretary

Happy Jogging!