The Coaches

Mike Stock (UKA Level 4 coach)


Mike's coaching experience is very broad – in addition to athletics he is also qualified to coach whitewater and slalom canoeing, football and weightlifting. As a junior Mike competed on the track and later in life was a competitor at the world veteran's championships. Mike has an MSc in Sports Coaching, a diploma in sports psychology and specialises in helped athletes across a range of sporting environments to deal with anxiety and pre-race nerves.

Favourite session: Track and Kenyan Hills.

Jan Stock (UKA Level 3 endurance coach)


Jan is an ultra-distance runner, adventure racer, X-C skier and all round nutter. She is happiest outdoors, preferably getting muddy and wet. A great believer in making training fun and is often found cajoling people to sing, skip or play silly games, especially on long runs. In addition to athletics she is also holds coaching qualifications in strength and conditioning, canoeing, whitewater safety, hill walking and disability sports. Jan's specialism is writing bespoke training plans to help people achieve their personal goals. She can advise on preparation for a wide range endurance events from 10k to marathon, ultra-distance, Ironman, multi-sport adventure and obstacle races.

Favourite session: Fartlek/parlauf relay, long hills

Hazel Clark (UKA CiRF and training to become a UKA endurance coach)


Hazel is a UK Athletics Coach in Running fitness (coaching runners in road running and cross country) and is training to be a UK Athletics endurance coach. Hazel has also trained with The Running School as a running biomechanics coach. When she is not running trails, up and down mountains, through mud or dabbling a bit in triathlon she can be found fitting in her day job working in sports injury. Hazel loves coaching running form, posture and efficient biomechanics to help runners avoid injury through maximising their recovery.

Favourite session: "I love the challenge of coming up with sessions that cater for large mixed ability groups, but my favourite session would be full of running drills, hurdle drills and plyometrics followed by a stretch and foam roller session, all the bits we often neglect"

Kate Liddiard – BTF -British Triathlon Federation Level 2 Coach & UKA athletics assistant coach.


Kate is a lover of all sports, both competing in and spectating and especially loves running up muddy hills! An experienced coach who is happiest when coaching running and swimming in particular and loves seeing improvements in people's technique and style. She gets a huge buzz when those that she has been coaching get a PB or just realise how much they have improved. She also loves encouraging everyone to be more active and is often found organising fun races in the park with adults and children! She coaches the junior section of a local triathlon club and loves the raw enthusiasm and passion that these children show and the camaraderie that have grown between them.

Favourite session: TRACK!!

Samantha Bowden (Training to be a UKA CiRF)


Samantha is currently training to be a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, and is hoping to be qualified by early 2017

Samantha started her journey with Ware Joggers as a reluctant beginner in 2008 and has been an enthusiastic member ever since, so is looking forward to giving back to the club as a coach. She has been a buddy on a number of beginners courses, and loves the buzz of helping new runners to realise that they can do it! She loves a good 5k or 10k race (especially the clubs summer handicap series) and giving it her all in Cross Country.

Favourite Session: As a runner - Kenyan Hills, As a coach - short hills.