Club Affiliations

Why does Ware Joggers affiliate to English Athletics?

In order to be registered as an official running club we have no choice but to affiliate AS A CLUB to English Athletics. This is a yearly subscription and ensures that WJ are listed along with the many hundreds of other running clubs. This is entirely separate from individual membership of EA. Club membership gives us access to a range of courses, specific training, trainers, and information

What does individual membership give you - what’s in it for me?

Individual members have the option to join EA at any time, and this is explained to all new joiners and those doing the beginners courses. What you get is:
Insurance cover against any third party liability (not personal accident)
Entitlement to claim a £2 reduction on all races run under EA auspices (most races are)
Entitlement to enter the WJ ballot for London Marathon places - note that the number of free places we get is entirely governed by how many of our members join EA
Membership of what is effectively the governing body of our sport
Members are (eventually, because their admin is very slow) given a membership card bearing their personal membership number. It is THIS number that you must quote when applying for the £2 reduction in individual races
Can I claim the £2 reduction if I am not a member? No. Whilst it’s unlikely that there will ever be a query if you claim the reduction by inputting the club number, we strongly disapprove as it could damage the clubs reputation

What is ARC and why do we affiliate to it?

ARC stands for the Association of Running Clubs. It’s an organisation that’s devoted purely to road running clubs. Ware Joggers pay a yearly subscription which is based on the number of members. There is no requirement for individual members to affiliate. We affiliate to it because:
The insurance cover extends across the whole membership and includes coaches AND experienced runners taking coached sessions
The cover is comparable to and in some instances exceeds that provided under EA
About half our members choose not to join EA. Without our ARC membership these people would not be insured

Any questions?

If any of this is unclear or you have any further questions please contact any member of the Committee who will be pleased to help

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