Strava describe themselves as a social network for athletes and are a global community of runners, cyclists and triathletes. It allows members to compare their performance against others who have run down the same route in the past and even shows fly bys if you run a route at the same time as others. (the last handicap race looked spectacular!)

Some Ware Joggers members have created a group on Strava which is open to all members, if you use a sports watch to track your activities at the moment most of them can be linked to Strava and allow you to use both applications, instructions on how to do this for each device can be found on the links below:

For those of you who use a mobile phone application it is a little more difficult but activity history can be transferred to Strava:

If you decide you want to use Strava please join the Ware Joggers club. If not enjoy using your current application.