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Since the birth of Ware Joggers in 1987, many runners have come and gone, some of which have made their mark in the club's record books. Many of our records are held by our current membership and our club records are regularly improved upon. The table below shows records that have been set or broken in 2017:

Category Distance Name Time Race
MV50 10M Justin Hill 01:02:07 Fred Hughes
MV55 10M Garth Morris 01:02:53 Fred Hughes
FV50 10M Janet Readitt 01:19:38 Fred Hughes
FV70 10M Margaret Waddingham 01:42:16 Fred Hughes
MV65 13.1M Kenny Blyth 01:38:55 Berkhamsted
FV70 13.1M Margaret Waddingham 02:16:51 Berkhamsted
MJ 10K Oscar Bell 00:38:41 Leighton Buzzard
MV85 5M John Butcher 00:55:36 Braintree
MV85 10K John Butcher 01:10:51 St Clare's
FV70 10K Margaret Waddingham 01:03:07 St Clare's
MV55 15M Garth Morris 01:41:59 Holmfirth 2017
FV70 Marathon Margaret Waddingham 04:53:22 Chelmsford 2017
MV40 5K Kevin Francis 00:17:00 Hatfield 2017 Race 3
FV45 5K Bev McLees 00:21:17 Hatfield 2017 Race 3
MV55 5K Garth Morris 00:18:33 Hatfield 2017 Race 3
FV70 5K Margaret Waddingham 00:29:34 Hatfield 2017 Race 3
MV85 5K John Butcher 00:34:20 Hatfield 2017 Race 3
FV80 5K Val Stringer 00:45:33 Hatfield 2017 Race 1
MS 5M Oscar Bell 00:28:04 Hatfield 5M

If you wish to claim a Club Record then please submit your claim to Jane Wren for verification