Championship rules

Rule 1

Have fun!

Rule 2

Never forget rule 1

Club kit

Official club vest and red shorts is the preferred choice of kit. However... In order to score points in the Club Championship, a member MUST wear the official club vest or T-shirt as the outermost garment, i.e. red and white vest with club name and motif printed on the front (or club T-shirt). Shorts (in any form – capris, skirts etc ) - should be red or black. No other colour will be acceptable. New members may be excused the Club Kit Rule only if they have ordered but not received their club kit and at the Fixtures Secretaries discretion.

Race entry

All Ware Joggers must be officially registered in the race under their own name. Numbers can be swapped in accordance with individual race rules but any runner listed in the official results under a different name will not score unless in the opinion of the Fixtures Secretary there are significant mitigating circumstances. Please enter Ware joggers as club or team name. Individual race rules and conditions should be adhered to at all times. Club Membership must be up to date.

Chip timing

All times will be rounded UP to the nearest second to conform to IAAF rules. There can be NO dead heats even though the times may be the same. Even with chip timing, times will be taken as gun to tape and not actual time run. The only exception is for the Marathon bonus ladder.


Results will be pinned to the notice board at the club night as soon as possible following the race. They will be published to the website as soon as possible.

Club Championship League System 2017/18

Championship League to be split into 2 separate leagues You will be allocated a League and division after you have completed your first race.

League 1 - Riff Raff

To be formed of divisions Premier, A, B, C and D 12 races as per schedule, 8 of which are the same as Learners and Legends Riff Raff runners can run in learners and legend races but cannot score league points. Although 3 extra points are on offer.

League 2 - Learners and Legends

To be formed of divisions 1 and 2 12 races as per schedule, 8 of which are the same as Riff Raff Learners and Legends runners can run Riff Raff races but cannot score league points although 3 extra points are on offer. This league is intended for those runners who have taken part in one of beginners programs and to prolong the running life of some of our older members. The main difference is the addition of 4 extra 5k races in place of the 10 mile and half marathon races that appear in the Riff Raff league.


There are twelve Club Championship events for each league of which all 12 will score. They are at varying distances from 5k to fifteen miles. . Scoring is as follows • Best six scores • 70 points for the first runner in both the Riff Raff and the Learners and Legends leagues • 2 extra points for the 7th race completed • 2 further points for the 8th race completed • 2 further points for the 9th race completed • 2 further points for the 10th race completed • No extra points for races 11 and 12 • 3 point bonus for achieving a P.B.or Age P.B in eligible races. • 3 points for every East Herts and West Essex League Cross-country event he/she finishes. • 3 points for helping at Ware cross country, not Ware 10’s • 3 points for every learners and legends race run by a Riff Raff • 3 points for every Riff Raff race run by a Learner and Legend

Bonus round (race 13)

Marathon ladder

Your fastest marathon (or Ultra) completed between 1-6-16 and 22-5-17 Scored as per league with 60 points for the fastest Not eligible for pb, masters or extra race points. Club kit preferred. Charity vests applicable to that race acceptable. Fixtures secretary decision on which marathons are eligible is final. (most will be accepted if approved by 100 marathon club) Race to be declared to fixture secretary before running. Marathon ladder to be updated at the beginning of each month.

Trebles League

This involves 3 runners of mixed ability to form a notional team who take part in the League Championship races. The 4 highest scoring races of team member 1 are added together with the 4 highest scoring races of team members 2 and 3 making 12 scoring races in total. Team members do not have to participate in the same race to score. If all 3 team members take part and finish in the same Club Championship League race 3 points will be awarded. 3 points will be awarded to each team member who takes part and finishes in a East Herts and West Essex Cross-Country League race. 3 points will be awarded for PBs and APBs. The way the Trebles are arranged into teams of three is entirely at the discretion of the Fixtures Secretary. Please notify the Fixtures Secretary if you would like to participate in the Trebles. I will allocate teams in early September.

Masters League

The Masters League is run in addition to the existing ‘Finish Sequence' based leagues but differs in that there are no divisions and everyone is placed in the one table. The intention of this league is to enable all club members to compete against each other with age and sex being factored into the results to provide an even playing field. All the rules for the existing leagues are used but with three exceptions:- • Your points are' WMA Sequence' based rather than ‘Finish Sequence' based points. • WMA PB points will be awarded instead of PB and APB points. The award for a WMA PB will be 5 points rather than the 3 awarded in the leagues and trebles. • All races will be eligable for WMA PBs regardles of whether thay are measured or not PROVIDED they come in at race distance or over. In addition, any race that is under distance MAY be used to set the benchmark % for first time runners.

WMA explained

The WMA (World Masters Association) issue time standards for all race distances, ages and sex. These time standards are based on the world records set by both male and female athletes for ages 18 to 100. An individuals WMA is calculated by taking their exact age on race day (including months and days) and comparing their race pace to that of the WMA tables equivalent. So if you obtain a WMA of 60% it means you ran at 60% of the pace run by the world record holder for your age group and sex. Obviously the calculation is a little more complex than this as records are not set for every age and so additional factors are used to allow for this.