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Club Records...

2023 Club Records
Ware Joggers Records...

Since the birth of Ware Joggers in 1987, many runners have come and gone, some of whom have made their mark in the club's record books. Many of our records are held by our current membership and our club records are regularly improved upon. The table on this page shows records that have been set or broken in 2023
If you wish to claim a Club Record then please submit your claim to Terry Nichols for verification

Category Distance Name Time Race
FV401MKatrina Dobson00:05:38Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
FV4026.2MKaty Woodward02:46:05TCS London NCT.
FV4010KKaty Woodward00:36:28Hatfield Broad Oak NCT.
FV4013.1MKaty Woodward01:18:57TTP Cambridge.
FV5013.1MBeverley McLees01:42:35TTP Cambridge.
FV551MOlu Gooden00:06:56Wodson Track 23/6/23G2T
FV5526.2MJill Patel03:58:54Amsterdam NCT.
FV5520MOlu Gooden03:00:09Essex.
FV6010MTeresa Weedon01:20:25Maidenhead Easter NCT.
FV6013.1MTeresa Weedon01:48:38TTP Cambridge.
FV655KPamela Wilson00:23:09Hatfield Race 3 NCT.
FV6510KPamela Wilson00:48:19Standalone NCT.
FV6510MPamela Wilson01:21:04Maidenhead Easter NCT.
FV705KAnne Ramsden00:26:40Hatfield Race 3 NCT.
FV7010KAnne Ramsden00:58:42Standalone NCT.
FV7013.1MAnne Ramsden02:13:58Hertfordshire, Knebworth NCT.
FV701MAnne Ramsden00:08:17Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
FV7510KMargaret Waddingham01:03:41Hatfield Broad Oak NCT.
FV7513.1MEllie Perkins02:52:18Hyde Park 18/3/23
FV7526.2MEllie Perkins05:54:57TCS London NCT.
FV751MMargaret Waddingham00:09:42Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
MS26.2MMichael Waddington02:24:44BMW Berlin.
MS15MTim Brignall01:35:11Folksworth NCT.
MV405KVincent Riviere00:16:12F.N.U.T.L. 21/4/23
MV401MVincent Riviere00:04:48Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
MV4526.2MKevin Francis02:32:43TCS London NCT.
MV451MKevin Francis00:05:00Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
MV5013.1MKevin Sambridge01:13:30London Big Half.
MV5026.2MKevin Sambridge02:38:09Chicargo.
MV501MAlan Taylor00:05:52Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T
MV6010KPaul Reddaway00:37:17MC Regents Park 8/1/23 NCT.
MV6010MPaul Reddaway01:02:24Wiltshire 10. NCT 12/2.
MV6013.1MPaul Reddaway01:22:16TTP Cambridge.
MV6015MGarth Morris01:42:12Dave Wrights formerly Colchester 15.
MV6026.2MGarth Morris02:58:20Manchester NCT.
MV601MPaul Reddaway00:05:11Wodson Track 23/6/23 G2T